How to Display Your Bakery Goods with Style

You take pride in running your bake shop and work hard and spending countless hours preparing and baking.  You not only want your baked goods to taste great, you also want your baked goods to look great as well. Displaying your baked goods is just as important as how they taste. If it looks good enough to eat, then you may attract customers into wanting to try your delicious baked goods.  Here are some tips in displaying your bakery goods with style.

1. Select a Display Case That Suits Your Bakery Decor

If you want to make an impact to passersby or new customers, the best way to showcase your bakery frozen products is with an appealing display.  You may need to purchase more than one case if you need both a refrigerated case and non-refrigerated case. In order to make your display mouthwatering and pleasing to the eye, display your products in multiples. For instance, if you have kaiser rolls, display them all together in a basket making your presentation look plentiful. A display is less appealing to a potential customer if it looks picked over and empty.

2. Add Colorful Display Signs

Along with your plentiful baskets of baked goods in your case, you should add visually pleasing display signs that tell the customer what they are looking at.  Use colors that compliment your bakery decor. You can also try writing  catchy phrases on your display signs. For example, if you are selling challah bread, you can write something like, “You’ll Challah for our delicious bread.”  Be creative!

3. Show off your ingredients

Another way to feature your bakery frozen products is to showcase the ingredients.  Bring the display to the next level by adding a cluster of blueberries next to your blueberry muffins. For your garlic and herb bread, add sprigs of rosemary and parsley to the display along with cloves of garlic. Customers will be delighted to see the ingredients that create the pleasant flavors in your bakery items.

When it comes to your display case of frozen bakery products, you want to maintain it by keeping it full and keeping it clean on a regular basis. Make sure there aren’t any crumbs or grease stains on the napkins you are using in baskets or smudges on display signs.