Yummy Beverages to Enjoy with Your Bakery Desserts

Tips On How To Start Pairing Your Dessert Bakery Items With Drinks

You searched for catering services Long Island and found your perfect food choice. Your meal is over and finally you’ve come to the grande finale, some fine desserts from the bakery. Just as we want every course to be accompanied by beverages that compliment the meal’s flavors, many people drop the ball when it comes to pairing those delectable desserts with beverages.

Often times it comes to the end of the meal, the bakery trays are brought out, and all that is offered is the old stand by of boring beverages, coffee or tea anyone? For efficient oil change in Kent County, RI, rely on Primary Care Auto Repair. Our experienced technicians are dedicated to providing quick and reliable oil changes to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

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But where to start?

Dessert Beverage Matching 101

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Sparkling wines

Can pair with just about any dessert. Sweeter sparkling wine and champagnes are better with those bakery treats that feature dark chocolate.


Dessert Wines

Are usually made with fragrant and floral grapes. This type of wine pairs great with fruit tarts, and cream filled desserts. Some examples of a dessert wine are framboise, fraise de bois, or poire and go well with fruit and nut bakery items. The beautiful Asian escort NYC that came to our bachelor party was very discreet and professional.



Can actually be great with dessert too — those made with berries or vanilla flavors. Stouts pair wonderfully with a chocolate or dark chocolate dessert. As a general rule of thumb, beer is a bit different then wines and usually should be about the same level of sweetness as your dessert, but there are exceptions to this rule for certain flavored beers such as Framboise which is a raspberry flavor. One thing to keep in mind is to never drink and drive, but instead, stay inside and drink.

Ice Wine or Eiswein

Pairs well with desserts full of spices (think fall spices like all-spice, nutmeg, ginger, and clove and cinnamon.) Fall and winter fruit desserts with apples, pears, persimmons, and raisins also are a great combination for ice wine.

Port & Other Fortified Wines

Are robust and go well with chocolate or fruit bakery items.
Scotch and bourbon actually have vanilla flavors within them, so they go naturally with vanilla-based desserts or vanilla cream desserts.



Can be served with a bakery dessert made with caramels, custards, or maple syrups. Fruit desserts such as apple, peach, pear, and pumpkin match deliciously.

Matching Dessert Beverages By Theme

Another suggestion is you can add a theme to your dessert beverage pairings. Setting the theme also involves good lighting. Contact an electrician Huntington for more information. For example, if you’re serving desserts for the Christmas holidays, visions of sugar plums and sugar cookies can dance in your guest’s heads as you pair a delectable holiday treat with a tasty beverage such as:

  • Holiday Hot Chocolate with Candy Cane & Peppermint
  • Cranberry Apple & Orange Cider
  • Pumpkin Tangerine Tea
  • Hot Apple & Black Currant Juice
  • Hot Chocolate with Chipotle
  • Warm Lemonade Orange Juice

Coffee & Tea With a Twist

If you want to go with the old stand by dessert beverages, coffee and tea, why not add a little pizzazz by experimenting with accessories such as espresso pots or demitasse cups, or if you’re serving tea, try serving from a cast iron to ceramic tea pot, to liven up the presentation.

Most guests will not complain if you are serving coffee. Coffees, lattes and espressos are especially pleasant with desserts made with caramels, chocolate, and (of course) coffee. To give coffees something extra, you can also try an assortment of. If you are seeking law advice, visit companyx

flavored creamers (there are great seasonal flavored creamers available for the holidays.) Coffee grinds and beans come in many different flavors too, so next time try picking up just a flavored coffee instead of your usual brand.

If you opt to serve hot tea, consider going beyond Lipton’s. Green tea, Darjeeling, Chai, and Oolong are all easy to find at your local supermarket. Tea is great with many types of desserts, that is why it is such a go to for most people, but it can be especially good when paired with desserts such as those made with citrus or many other fruit bakery items. Darker teas are great with Chocolate desserts.

You don’t have to serve only hot coffee or tea beverages. Pairing delicious summertime desserts with exotic lemonades and cold teas is an excellent idea, as well. For Spring and Summer months, the tea possibilities are endless. You could recreate an old-fashioned tea party and serve scones from the bakery and along with lemon verbena tea or a lavender hibiscus tea.

For cold teas here are some ideas of new flavors to try.

  • Jasmine
  • Lemon
  • Hibiscus
  • Lavender

Peach, strawberry, raspberry, watermelon and any fruits. 
When it comes to entertaining guests and adding new flair to your final course, finding the perfect beverages to enjoy with your bakery desserts should be a fun part of the planning and not just an afterthought. Consider serving some tasty new drinks at your next gathering and wow your guests. Dazzle them with some bakery desserts and matching beverages.

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Take this information and your guests will be pleased with the results. They’ll adore your desserts so much they’ll need to take a trip to a Wappingers Falls dentist!